P. Roines Ela (dahdumdum_) wrote in humanconditions,
P. Roines Ela


Hey. I'm new and fairly new
to livejournal. I don't know
when I first hear Lord Ashcroft,
as I humbly refer to him, but
I think it was at about four in
the morning when I lie awake and
I turned on my alarm clock/radio
and it went to this station that
I doubt still exists and the song
Science of Silence came on and I
just cried and cried and thought
how can someone make something
so inspiring and beautiful. That's
when my obsess launched.

Ha. Sorry for this post.
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Welcome, welcome. :)
Thank you. Thank you.
I know what you mean. I must have heard the Verve album three or four times because my friend Kelli was always playing it but then one night at 4am I heard The Drugs Don't Work and really heard it for the first time. The tears started rolling and I began to appreciate the genius that is Sir Richard.
Oh Lord. I know
only too well.
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